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At Prem-maa we proudly partner with Beauty For Ashes, Dinadi, and Purnaa to bring our customers ethical and high-quality products. 

Purnaa is a World Fair Trade guaranteed social enterprise based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Purnaa strives to stop exploitation, to be ethical and fair, and to put out high-quality products and services. Purnaa produces sustainable clothing that not only has safe manufacturing and dying processes but also includes the safe sourcing of fabric fibers and intentionally sources their materials so that they are produced with the least environmental impact. To learn more about Purnaa go to

This is Purnaa

Beauty For Ashes is a Nepali gift and accessories manufacturing company also based in Nepal that battles human trafficking by employing women who are either marginalized or escaping exploitative situations. This allows them to fight human trafficking at what they believe is the source, poverty. To learn more about Beauty For Ashes go to

Dinadi is a social business in Nepal that handcrafts knitted and crocheted products while changing lives through the dignified jobs they offer. Dinadi ensures that their employees are treated with dignity and are fairly compensated for the work they do. The jobs and ethically made products that Dinadi creates, and the issues in which they promote, are continuously bringing about positive change to the people surrounding them. To learn more about Dinadi go to .

Love Justice International is a non-profit organization that rescues girls through transit monitoring stations who are being trafficked in 17 countries across Southeast Asia and Africa and provides family homes for the orphans and street kids of Nepal and Bangladesh. Love Justice International spends approximately 4% of their donations on administrative costs, meaning almost all of the money that is donated goes directly human trafficking. Since 2009 Love Justice's border and transit monitoring stations have intercepted over 22,000 women and children from trafficking. To learn more about Love Justice International and what they have done to stop human trafficking, go to
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