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What is Prem-maa?

Prem-maa is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit online retailing business. This organization was created by three teenage girls that are passionate about fighting the human trafficking industry. It is our goal at Prem-maa to help prevent young women from ever becoming trafficked again. We recognize the devastating effect that this industry has on the people of Nepal and seek to support organizations that fight this exploitative trade. We donate 100% of profits (minus taxes and shipping) to organizations that have a proven track record of stopping human trafficking. Prem-maa is dedicated to stopping human trafficking by supporting ethical manufacturing businesses that provide jobs for the marginalized women in Nepal.

Core Values


Provide Employment to People in Nepal that is Ethical and Fair: We seek business partnerships that believe in fair and equal treatment. Specifically, Prem-maa seeks to indirectly employ marginalized women and support businesses that believe in fair wages.

Stopping Human Trafficking: Every year an estimated 30,000 people are trafficked into India from Nepal and Bangladesh. Prem-maa donates 100% of all proceeds to organizations whose primary goal is to stop human trafficking in Nepal.

Environmental Sustainability: Prem-maa seeks to sell products that are made by environmentally friendly methods.


Education: Essential to the prevention of human trafficking, individuals must become aware of the injustices committed upon marginalized people both domestically and abroad. Prem-maa seeks to educate others about the widespread abuses of humans globally and how to become involved in the prevention of human trafficking.


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